Pool Store

Kenco Pools was established in 1976 by Ken Mattheyer after noticing a need for a reliable pool store in the East Texas area. While many pool builders worked out of their garage during that time, it left homeowners without a place to go for their subsequent pool care needs. Kenco Pools was established with that customer in mind – providing them with two retail locations to visit once their pool was completed.

More than 40 years later, Kenco Pools continues to provide the area with a number of services, including vinyl liner replacement, pool renovations, service and maintenance, two retail locations in Longview and Nacogdoches, and so much more. We’ve built our reputation on consistently delivering 100-percent customer satisfaction doing what we love.

Why Choose Kenco? – Voted Best in NAC

When Kenco first opened, we were strictly a pool retail store. However, after listening to our customers complain about their pool and how it was built, we decided to contact a major pool manufacturer and requested them to send their pool experts and teach us the right way, how to renovate an inground pool.

The first thing he told us was most customers do not know a lot about pools, so it is our job to guide them through the process of pool renovation so they can make the right choices for their backyard. The second thing he told us was to stand behind our product. And without a doubt, we were dedicated to giving you the backyard of your dreams. Whether we’re renovating an existing pool or providing you with quality pool service and maintenance. Kenco Pools understands remodeling and maintaining a pool is a large investment, and we take your investment seriously. When you choose to work with Kenco Pools, you’re choosing a company that treats your backyard as if it were our own. You can count on our team of experienced experts to help you make the right decisions when it comes to the design, renovation, and care of your pool.

Contact Kenco Pools today to learn more about why we do what we do and to speak with one of our pool care experts. We look forward to giving you the backyard you’ve always wanted while helping you create years of fun and memories. Give us a call today!